We thought we’d take a moment to share with you the talent of one of our inmates.  Though most focus on the flaws of these individuals, we often celebrate their talents and gifts.  Jason Leggett is a Federal Inmate in Bennettsville, South Carolina, He is just one of the inmates with exceptional skills when it comes to drawing.  In his own words, “There’s nothing I can not do in still life/portraits or animals of any kind.”   Jason cannot sell his art from prison, but as a pen pal, perhaps he will do a piece for you for a small donation to his inmate account.  At the very least, take a moment to appreciate the talents of Jason.  Click on Jason’ photo to view his profile on Exclusiveprisoner.com and learn more about the artist.

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Register Number: 75622-053

Errol is an inmate who though he does not participate in the prison pen pal website himself.  He writes often and shares his own writings.  He is somewhat insightful and I enjoy sharing his work with others.



Virtue #56                                                      The Hunt

Though I am an adamant lover of the myth of love, I highly discourage one to chase it. For love chooses her acquaintances and lives to foil the plans of many. To pursue love one must be a master of the heart, body and soul. You must be skilled in the arts of passion and seduction. Be warned, she is very elusive, and at the same time alluring and flirtatious. She is captivating, while being notoriously dangerous and unpredictable. Love can be the wildest of beast, so to slain her is a great victory for anyone. She may be the rarest prey in the crosshairs of a hunter.



No one knows when he or she will fall in love, it just happens. Love is a very dangerous emotion, because it leaves you vulnerable to everything. That is why I do not advise anyone to hunt for love. I know affection can be beautiful, but one cannot choose love, love chooses it’s companions and she can never be forced. Before one decides to pursue this passion, you must have the right habitat for her. Her dwelling is in the heart, so make sure it is clean and empty of any past impurities. Most  of all be patient, and let her find you. Sure, you may be lonely for a time while you wait, but when it finds you, you will know  that she is true.

Inmate pen pal Robert Floyd

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Prison Pen Pal

“Breaking Bad”
If you think about it, the phrase “Breaking Bad” pretty much says it all. In the hit series by the same name, mild mannered high school chemistry teacher Walter White takes an inglorious wrong turn down into the dark side of his ever evolving criminal counter type and alter ego “Heisinberg”, a high end purest methamphetamine manufacturer. A sick soul (literally from cancer, figuratively from moral bankruptcy) that starts out under a misguided premise of “good intentions” to secure enough ill-gotten gains by way to an end that justifies the means to take care of his family once he succumbs to his deadly disease. Hence the series title “Breaking Bad”.
Once upon a time, I too started out on a similar road paved with good intentions, but no matter how you stir and boil criminal prowess into a soup seasoned with the best of intentions, at the end of the day, it’s still going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Villainy cannot disguise itself by justification of virtue. Not for long anyway. Because “Breaking Bad” is just what it means; a rage against the social machine in a “pulp fiction” pursuit of the American dream….rolling the dice to bet on “snake eyes” to win every time. And in the process you have to lose so much more. You lose your compassion, your benevolence, your empathy and then finally…..your soul. That is what it takes to break all-the-way-bad to manifest one’s self into the dyed-in-the-wool bad guy.
And so it goes………..
Then comes along consequence or Karma or the reaping of what one sows, whatever the choice of words might be. The bottom line is, what one seeds into the ground eventually comes home for the harvest. And my devil came home by the way of a Federal Supermax Prison; the only one of its kind and the absolute truest perfection of isolation. The 21st century Alcatraz, better known as Adx. (Administrative Maximum) and I’ve spent the better than a decade in the land of the lost on total lockdown.
Now perhaps most folks might think that such an experience in one’s life would only make a bad apple rot even further away…and usually most would be absolutely right. In the true light of the reality what would be the point in continuing to destroy myself? First by self design and now with all the help I can get. When you’ve lived as long as I have lived, and I’ve been lucky to have lived long enough…you come into the collective understanding that for most of my life I have been my own worst enemy. And so now what? What comes next? Will the regret of anything that cannot be changed serve any purpose? Should I just give it up, lie down and die? Again, would it serve any purpose? When you’ve run a certain course for so long and finally you’ve hit a dead end, then it’s well overdue for a “turn-a-round” to start in the other direction, regardless and in spite of whatever the situation may be. I mean, that’s only common sense right?
Life experiences bring about change a lot of folks like to say. I would rather say that it brings about growth, which can either be for a higher or lower self that all human beings possess. Some are incapable of grasping the one or unable to escape the other.
Well I’m about to put my best foot forward in the “Part Two” of my life, and not of good intentions, but rather of solid conviction and clear direction in “Breaking Positive”. Now that’s something that serves purpose. The thing is… I sure could use some company to make it really positive. Listen, I’m as real as it gets….I’m not into “games people play” and I won’t waste any of your valuable time. What I can offer you is genuine companionship and a rock solid friendship given the chance. If you’re a mature down-to-Earth woman who’s venturous enough to try a new experience, then by all means, I would love to hear from you today. I promise to keep your vested time interesting. “Even inside a man made devil’s heart, one can still find his soul again and welcome home his humanity. It is with this sense of spirit that I reach out to the world beyond the pale in search of someone whom perhaps understands what it is to break away from all the bad”.
Take care.
Robert L. Floyd http://exclusiveprisoner.com/inmate_profile.php?inmate=323#.UhVbaxvBOSo

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Prison Pen Pals

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